Fashion Retail Planning

It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
but the one that is the most adaptable to change.

Darwin offers fashion retail specific information that is essential for an excellent operation, e.g.:

  • Visibility of expected closing stock and gross profit
  • Timely information of over- or understock
    (open to buy, OTB/WSSI)
  • Synchronized financial calendar and merchandise calendar
  • Immediate information about stock, commitments and obsolesce
  • Integrated markdown planning

Spreadsheets are the most commonly used tools to control the planning process. As we all know spreadsheets are fault sensitive, time consuming and the accuracy depends on the user. Once replaced by Darwin you will experience a great relief and you can hardly imagine how you could run a business without.

For fashion retailers who can spend millions of dollars there are solutions available on the market. However, the initial cost is huge and the implementation and use are complicated. Most fashion retailers do not want to spend that much money. But they do need a robust and functionally rich solution, preferably integrated in the back office system. Darwin has been developed with those retailers in mind.

Darwin is a standard, packaged solution.
This means that all users work with the same software and that there is no bespoke software. This guarantees continuity and prevents the customer from becoming the prisoner of his own version of the software. Two to three times a year there is a new release. The development of new functionalities takes place in close cooperation with the customers. This has led to an “industry best practice” solution.

Darwin runs in conjunction with the existing ERP, which remains in place. Turnover, stock, commitments and article master data are automatically imported. There is no manual data entry and this ensures that you always work with up-to-date information.


Discover our

Open to buy,
  • Synchronization of financial and merchandise budgets
  • Supports a multi-level sales-hierarchy i.e. country-location-store type-store
  • Supports a multi-channel strategy: online, stores, shop-in-shop, corners, etc.
  • Unlimited number of versions
  • Easy seeding of a new financial budget based on KPI’s and targets

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  • Free definition of start & end date of seasons including overlap
  • Top-down and bottom-up seasonal planning
  • Online information from comparable seasons
  • Easy seeding of a new merchandise plan based on financial planning
  • Up to ten levels in the product hierarchy and free number of attributes

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  • Placeholders to support the buyers with setting of the range
  • Monitors the assortment plan with the top line merchandise plan
  • Automatic upload and mapping of styles and colors with ERP
  • Possibility to look up and review the collection book including images
  • Overview of budget and planned style colors per free defined time buckets

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  • Multiple seasons and calendar on one screen
  • Easy to use “shopping list” for buyers via email
  • Weekly monitoring of sales, markdown, margin, forward cover, closing stock and OTB (WSSI)
  • Visibility of expected and required closing stock: what-if simulations
  • In-season reforecast

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  • Optimal timing, frequency and depth of markdowns to maximize profit
  • Markdown proposals based on actual versus ideal sell-thru and product life cycle
  • Calculates impact of markdown proposals on gross profit
  • Ability to round prices or to work with price points
  • Age based and cost based markdown proposals for older stock

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“Stock reduction of 30% in port and DC while turnover increased. This led to a higher stock turn and 50% reduction of markdown!”
SCHELTE HALMA, Manager Global Supply Chain & Logistics, Zeeman textielSupers
“With Darwin significant stock reduction and better margins within one year.”
CHARLOTTE BAKKER, Merchandise & Planning Manager, Perry sport & Aktie sport (SUR)
“Our buying process is perfectly under control with the WSSI of Darwin.”
HUGO VAN TOOR, Logistics Manager, Ziengs
“Darwin has given us effective control over our assortment and inventories.”
ELIE HARB, Head of IT department, ABC Department Stores Lebanon
“Smooth implementation and increased stock turn with Darwin Retail Planner.”
EGBERT VAN DEN BERG, Manager Planning & Merchandise, Scapino